Automated Testing

Test automation can only succeed when your entire development team treats it as an integral part of software development. Just like writing production code, understanding how to do it well takes time, effort and commitment. Let STA Group guide you!


Test automation is a reliable means of reducing testing cycle time without sacrificing the quantity and quality of testing.  STA is the preeminent provider of software test automation services and have automated applications running on major platforms, using a wide range of well-known tools and custom-developed test automation solutions. STA provides expert application testing services, backed by a certified team of testing experts trusted by our clients.  For instance, STA offers a wide range of Selenium automated testing services, such as Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing, automation framework creation, integration with test management tools, etc.

Our software test automation specialists constitute test automation architects, automation leads and automation engineers with expertise in just about every automation technology, including integration with ALM tools and platforms.  We are experienced in tightly integrating testing with our clients’ Agile development teams.

STA understands that investing in Software QA is crucial to the success of any organization’s software implementation.  STA believes that all IT software projects should go live with Zero critical defects – 100% of the time.

Why Automate?

Automated Software Testing has increased in popularity over the years. Increasing demands on quality and competitive pressures on time-to-market and budget have been some of the key drivers of test automation.  Automated testing complements today’s agile software development processes and, if done well, results in faster time-to-market, operational cost savings, increased test coverage, and improved customer satisfaction. This is especially true for automated web application testing due to the constant need to be responsive in the face of a rapidly-changing ecosystem of browsers and versions.

Automated Testing Services

  • Quick automation scripts facilitating bug reproduction and exploratory testing using Selenium IDE.
  • Robust regression automation targeting multiple platforms using Selenium WebDriver (successor of Selenium Remote Control).
  • Selenium test automation using the Programming Language of your choice (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python) for plugging into your engineering architecture with ease.
  • Wrapping testing scripts in the Testing Framework (JUnit, TestNG, etc.) of your choice.
  • Integration with popular Java build tools Ant and Maven.
  • Log generation to monitor stepwise testing.
  • Automation with data/keyword-driven & hybrid approaches.
  • Flash & database testing with Selenium 2.0

To optimize our selenium test suite for covering more test cases in less time we also perform grid testing by diving load into multiple machines at one time and let the execute test as individual machines and grid testing also make efficient in performing browser compatibility testing.

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