Capsifi Partnership

STA GROUP becomes Capsifi's US consulting partner.

STA Group has entered into a strategic agreement with Australia-based Capsifi Business Architects to become their US consulting partner, providing services in support of Capsifi’s Jalapeño modeling platform.

Based on Capsifi’s unique semantic-based modeling framework, the cloud-based Jalapeño platform provides meta-model templates for designing and aligning a strategic business plan and a target operating model with the technology solutions that support business operations. STA Group’s Business Architects work with Capsifi’s US clients’ business teams to help model their operations and the lifecycle of information supporting their core business processes, enabled by the Jalapeño platform.

“We believe that applying Capsifi’s architecture framework and cutting-edge Jalapeño modeling tool to our clients’ businesses offers tremendous value through organizing, accelerating, and making visible their architectural assets,” said Peter Blackwood, STA Group Business Architecture Practice Director.

Terry Roach, founder and CEO of Capsifi, said, “We recognized that partnering with STA Group, a long-recognized leader in the Business Architecture domain, aligns us well with our US clients’ needs to rapidly describe and define their business as they work toward developing solutions to meet today’s demands.”

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