Internet of Things

IOT Technology Solutions is the technology partner of choice for companies looking to build web-based systems that connect, monitor, and control intelligent devices. We are a group of proven, experienced engineers who have a passion for using and evolving technical IoT solutions.


practice-area-large-IOTWe deliver all components of IoT and M2M solutions understanding that it is the goals of a business and the needs of their customers that drive the technology solutions we offer.

There are many areas to address and many problems to solve when customers undertake building an IoT system. IOT Technology Solutions provides expertise in all of them including system administration, device management, communications, power management, system maintenance and testing.

Issues Our Clients Face

From a business point of view, internal and external manufacturing competition brings intense pressure to improve yield, quality, margin, sustainability.  Historically tight CapEx budgets give way to need for re-investment for efficiency, consistency, and flexibility, and our clients struggle to leverage their global footprint due to disparate collection of machinery, systems, and processes caused by acquisitions and consolidation.  Continuous improvement efforts have been hampered by the inability to harvest insights from dark data, both within and external to the plant.

Issues abound on the technology side as well. Multi-vendor control systems situated across plants and limited technical resources within plants reduce integration potential and increase support costs.  As if that weren’t enough, isolated ERP, control, and energy management systems fail to leverage synergies that could deliver richer, high-value analytics.  1970-vintage alert mechanisms on factory floor extend downtimes, miss failure prevention opportunities.  And manually captured data from line operations leads to gaps, inconsistencies, inaccurate analyses.

Our Solution

We leverage deep business and technical expertise to help you define your Industry 4.0 vision.  We build customized solutions tailored to your specific environment on our flexible IoT platform to deliver:

  • Continuity
  • Security Model
  • System health dashboards
  • Integration into factory processes
  • Configuration processes and controls
  • Billing model development
  • IoT configuration, in-field configuration
  • Interfaces to ERP systems
  • User experience design & development
  • Alert and notification strategy
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Choose a hosting solution
  • Tech support tools and processes
  • On demand diagnostics
  • Integration with CRM tools
  • Tools and plans for operations management
  • Upgrade process
  • Deployments and upgrades
  • Uptime management
  • Scaling

Platform Architecture


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