ExtendedCare – Transforming the Delivery of Care

Learn more about our two powerful, easy-to-use ExtendedCare healthcare communications solutions recently acquired from Cisco - our Virtual Care Room telehealth solution and our Patient Xperience bedside patient experience and empowerment platform.

February 1, 2018

ExtendedCare Solutions offers an intuitive, interactive video-rich communications suite that’s transforming the delivery of care across the care continuum. Our powerful, easy to use communications solutions optimize value for participants independent of the venue and level of care:

Virtual Care Room – telehealth solution

Patient Xperience – patient experience and empowerment platform

The ExtendedCare suite offers what patients and clinicians want and demand:

  • Wherever you need us, ExtendedCare is ready to help – telehealth, in-patient (bedside), ambulatory, mobile, video, integrated information, education, even entertainment!
  • State-of-the-art video and digital capabilities integrate clinical and non-clinical systems for secure, shared access by all participants in the care journey.
  • Digital workflows fill gaps between EMR/EHR and other systems to improve care experience and health system economics.
  • Transforms the care experience for everyone – patients, care teams and clinicians, family caregivers, and hospital administrators.
  • Leverages world-class technology and Cisco heritage – fast, seamless deployment with existing infrastructure.

Our telehealth and patient experience solutions can be purchased either standalone or together.  So you can buy only what you need today and then easily expand to meet tomorrow’s care delivery requirements. Learn more at: extendedcaresolutions.com.

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