STA Group Acquires Instant Connect from Cisco

Bringing it all together: The Instant Connect solution offers total Instant Connectivity for your entire team. From the field to the corner office, everyone can easily communicate using PTT, phone calls, instant messaging and video using a single integrated communications environment.

April 4, 2018

A Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

STA Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Instant Connect solution from Cisco, expanding STA Group’s best-in-class portfolio of digital automation and communications solutions.

“Traditional communication systems need more than just a single push-to-talk function,” said David Dillon, Senior Managing Director, STA Group.  “A next wave is required that can handle live location data, alerting, sensor integration, and encryption. We are proud to spearhead this revolution in connectivity by leveraging new integrated radio, telephony, and IP communications capabilities creating unprecedented business value for the enterprise.”

Previously known as IPICS and Cisco Instant Connect, the software platform has a rich 14-year legacy of helping business critical and mission critical users connect. Instant Connect software boasts a Who’s Who of customers in public safety, transportation, utilities, industrial, and other enterprise customers.  Many of the technologists and executives responsible for Instant Connect’s outstanding performance are taking a leadership role at STA Group to continue the Instant Connect innovation wave.

“We’re excited about the seamless transition of ownership over to STA Group – the upside for the Instant Connect customer community is enormous,” explained Mr. Dillon. “Our Instant Connect product team has an aggressive roadmap leveraging STA Group’s agility and entrepreneurial spirit. The next wave is here.”

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