Data Engineering

Managing extremely large data sets is one thing; producing operational or analytical results with high performance is entirely something else. Our team is experienced in powerful parallel file systems, mature Hadoop structures for ingesting and crunching massive data, and data marts and cubes along with dashboards, reporting tools and other knowledge-visualization platforms.


Implementing properly engineered solutions in today’s data space is a daunting challenge for any organization. The volumes of data, number of disparate sources, and tooling choices require a new breadth of expertise and new approach paradigms. Informed business decisions require data that is readily available and accurate. The key is effectively harnessing the value of that data to create a competitive advantage.

STA Group’s experienced team of data engineering consultants can help your team develop the strategies for turning vast amounts of data into valuable business assets. We will work with you to bring all your sources of data together so it is secure, available and accessible. We also solve real problems connecting systems that are struggling to keep up with high-volume, high-speed transactional data needs. We seek to be your trusted advisor with a collaborative approach incorporating a focus on knowledge transfer. We don’t just provide answers; we enable a whole new direction for your organization.

Data Architecture, Enterprise Data Planning, and Management

As integrated enterprise solutions evolve, we can help bring the larger picture into focus. Understanding your global data goals and concerns and developing a roadmap allowing your organization to garner the greatest benefit from all your data resources. Our solutions are derived from functioning at the highest strategic levels down to the most tactical concerns.

One area we have found many large organizations need help is with properly planning a solution for enterprise test data management. Many organizations do a great job of designing test data for a given application or system. But what happens when you need to exercise and test complex business flows involving dozens or hundreds of processes and applications that are interdependent on one-another. Planning a test data architecture that will support this well is an area we excel in.

Data Modeling and Design

The data model is a fundamental, foundational piece of your enterprise. Some would say it’s the heart and soul of the enterprise and it can have reverberating effects on all other layers of the architecture. This is why a solid, meticulous, sound, well thought out solution is so crucial the success of what may be a whole series of applications or systems that will rely on it.

Implementation of proper data design, incorporating short and long term goals, is paramount in achieving cost-effective and highly performing data solutions. We are highly skilled in this science and able to drive large efforts with thousands of entities, or simple solutions with less than one hundred. We have deep experience with all types of data design patterns that support data that fits a relational model as well unstructured data that may not. We also have deep experience with data mart, data warehousing and the underlying models that support business intelligence and analytics.

Data Application Integration

One area in which our engineers truly excel is application data access. We have the ability to implement truly optimized solutions using best-in-class tooling. We don’t apply ORM tools like Hibernate simply for the sake of convenience or ease of implementation. We employ them only in scenarios where an ORM approach is warranted where they truly provide value. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing truly optimal data access solutions that fully leverage the power and capability of the database engine. We’ve seen too many cases where we’ve been pulled into a client to solve a major performance problem only to find that their application is doing dozens of network round-trips to the database with single table accesses and application joins, with no cognizance of the appropriate data access granularity or transactional boundaries. We have the experience to “get it right” the first time.

Our consultants take a holistic approach to come up with highly optimized designs that appropriately leverage the power and capabilities of the tools with the appropriate balance of the features employed. In this regard, we feel our Data Application Integration practice is second to none.

Reporting / Business Intelligence / Analytics

Insights from business data require agility in creating data sources as well as creative approaches to tooling and accessing that data. Architecting effective data warehouses and data marts, designing ETL and data migration processes, and providing direction in complex and dynamic reporting concerns, are some of our specific strengths. We provide expertise in collaborative process modifications in combination with data design, infrastructure and tooling to extract maximum business value.

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