Company Values

STA Group’s philosophy inspires us to deliver continuous improvement and value to our clients. Our core values include these steadfast 5C principles.


values-characterWe demonstrate integrity, innovation and commitment in our character:

  • We have integrity in all aspects of our work. We communicate clearly and honestly.
  • We hire and support people that think creatively, implement innovative ideas and quality solutions
  • We have a strong personal commitment to successful outcomes in our work
  • We value leadership and strive to develop it at all levels
  • We are passionate about our work and take personal accountability for our actions and results with humility
  • We value growth and constant learning for our people and offer specific learning opportunities


values-clientsOur clients’ success is our primary driving force:

  • We drive thought leadership because it is good for our clients as well as our team
  • We create exceptional results for our clients, and strive for excellence in every deliverable and framework we produce
  • We strive to clarify everything we do, whenever and wherever possible
  • We solve our client’s real problems by using critical assessment and applying appropriate solutions in context
  • We take seriously, and truly care, about our client’s success
  • We are privileged to be working for our client’s success and celebrate their wins along with our own


values-cultureWe are a team that genuinely cares for and respects one another:

  • We value a fair, mutually respectful and collaborative work environment
  • Each of us personally commit and are accountable to the success and well‐being of our teammates
  • We listen and strive to be open‐minded toward our teammates’ ideas and contributions
  • We share information with each other and promote transparency
  • We are mutually supportive of each other, and defer our successes to the full team, not just ourselves
  • We give and receive real‐time feedback on our performance
  • We admit our mistakes when necessary because our personal value is not on the line
  • We learn from both our mistakes and our successes
  • We trust each other implicitly


values-companyOur company empowers its people and leads by example:

  • Our leadership philosophy is one of “Servant Leadership
  • Traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the “top of the pyramid.” By comparison, the servant‐leader puts the needs of others first and empowers people to develop and perform as highly as possible.
  • Our company respects every individual for their unique gifts, talents, skills and contributions
  • We respect all dimensions of our peoples’ lives, including work/life balance
  • We recognize that work is only one important dimension of our lives.
  • We want our work to empower us to succeed in all other aspects of our life commitments
  • We reward our people for their superior performance
  • We value diversity and inclusion as a vital part of our culture


values-communitiesWe are committed to making positive contributions to our world:

  • We place a high value on the impact our company and our people can make for good in our communities as well as in a global context
  • We commit to regular charitable contributions and engage in company volunteer opportunities with selected high-quality organizations that make a global impact
  • We encourage individual volunteerism and provide avenues that enable our associates
  • We actively engage in the corporate ecosystem within our communities to promote economic development and growth
  • We provide learning and development opportunities to people in our communities wherever possible
  • We conduct our business and our behaviors in ways that minimize impact on the environment through a variety of initiatives
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